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Product Related Queries

1. From where does Paringems source their rough diamonds?

Ans: Paringes sources all the requirements of rough diamond from official rough suppliers and always ensures that all the rough diamonds procured are Kimberly Process Compliant. We stringently monitor the sustaining process integrity and ensuring consumer confidence. We adhere to Best Practice Principles (BPP) in business and are always committed to the future of our industry.

2. What is Paringems’s annual production capacity?

Ans: paringems has its state-of the-art integrated advanced diamond manufacturing unit at Surat, with latest and efficient equipment - including the latest Galaxy 1000 Planner Machine from Sarin and 5,000+ strong dedicated and talented workforce - ensures that we process more than 720 thousand carats of rough diamonds annually (approx. 60,000 carats rough diamonds every Month).

3. What separates Paringems from other companies in the diamond industry?

Ans: The Best and Superior quality diamonds, in-house R&D strengths; ethical practices, marketing expertise, and service-oriented approach have made us a favorite with our customers which includes wide range of diamond wholesalers, jewelry manufacturers, retail traders, chain stores and small independent stores. Trust, honesty, humility, accountability and transparency are the building blocks of paringems.

4. What support is available from PARINGEMS to its clients?

Ans: PARINGEMS has numerous affiliates spread across the world including Antwerp, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tel Aviv and New York in addition to our head office in Mumbai. This global network assures that there will always be a Key Account Manager available to assist in any queries or requirements that may have. Further facilitating the business, PARINGEMS launched a renewed website paringems which acts as a universal point-of-sale for our clients across the world. The website is another way for us to reach out to our customers directly on their personal computers, laptops, etc. For the comfort of our customers, we initiated first diamond selling website in the industry, m.paringems and smart phone + tablet applications giving them the best possible way to reach out for our diamonds.

5. Are all diamonds on paringems “Natural” and "Conflict Free"?

Ans: All the diamonds on paringems are absolutely natural in every respect and are sourced from official rough suppliers. We always ensure that all the rough diamonds procured are Kimberly Process Compliant and are stringently monitored throughout the value chain, sustaining process integrity and ensuring consumer confidence. The diamonds are cut to the best and highest possible standards. We do not sell laboratory-made, treated or man-made synthetic/cultured diamonds neither do we sell any clarity enhanced or color-enhanced diamonds of any type.

6. Which Diamond Grading Certificates does PARINGEMS offer?

Ans: Diamonds at PARINGEMS are certified by internationally renowned grading laboratories like Gemological Institute of America (GIA) & International Gemological Institute (IGI). In addition to this we have our own in house grading system (PARINGEMS Grading System).   

7. Can we physically look at diamonds selected online before buying?

Ans: We welcome you at PARINGEMS to physically inspect the online selected diamonds with our feature “View Request” on paringems This feature helps you to pre-schedule an appointment with us for physical inspection of selected diamonds in our Mumbai office.

8. Does PARINGEMS cater to the customized order of the customers?

Ans: PARINGEMS caters to the Order Based Sales received from customers. We fulfill the personalized order of the customer. We also customize the order based on cuts required by the customers.

9. What is your pricing policy on

Ans: We at PARINGEMS follow a “Fair & Fixed Price Policy” for all our diamonds listed on We don’t negotiate on our pricing and always make sure that each diamond from our inventory is priced fairly with respect to market condition and revised accordingly from time to time. To respect your views on the Diamond prices, we present you few features;'Diamond at your Price' and 'Diamonds of the Day' this features enables you to buy interested and best diamonds from paringems 

10. Can we return the diamonds if we do not like it after the purchase?

Ans: PARINGEMS does not have Exchange Policy or Purchase Return Policy. We take utmost care in serving our customers and provide them with best possible desired diamonds. For our online customer we have a feature “View Request” where customer can request KAM to personally view the diamonds. Also we have live photos and videos of all the diamonds so that customer can carefully view the diamonds before making the purchase.

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